The most important people 3/3

The last couple of weeks, I have been sharing the awesome people behind all our clothes. What they do, where they are from. And just how amazing they are.

But why stop there? 5TKT sells some very beautiful ethical fashion accessories and we are not going to shy away from sharing the most important people behind that range!

Here goes..

Silver - By 5TKT

All the jewelry in our range is made in India in our Head Jeweller's own workshop. Our motive is to bring forward the incredible handcrafted aesthetics of Indian Jewellers with modern sensibilities that create powerful imagery.

The designer/head craftsman - Bablu Niyogi
Bablu moved to Delhi from a village in West Bengal to make a fair income as a skilled jeweler. With a wife, two sons and expert knowledge of the craft, Bablu set up shop in the most populated city in the country. My mother, who designs traditional Indian Jewellery, started working with Bablu in 2011, and since then he is not only earning a good steady income for his family, he is now also employing 2 more junior artisans under him. Both of his boys go to school and every year he takes two long trips to the village to meet his family.

Reward for his skill 
Bablu is thrilled to be a part of 5TKT's collection which gives him an international exposure to design.

Next Season's Pieces in progress!

Loom - By 5TKT

The authentic handloom range of scarves at 5TKT is sourced from a small region in the western part of the country called Bhuj. The range is developed using a 200-year-old traditional craft that has passed all tests of time.

The head weaver - Vankar Bhimji
Bhimji hails from a small village in Bhujodi, in the state of Gujarat. His family has been a part of the Bhuj Weavers community for time unknown. Proudly continuing his ancestral tradition of becoming a weaver, he learned the craft at a very young age. Intelligent and hard working Bhimji only joined the family business after finishing college. He knew that to take the craft to a next level, a college education will make the difference in getting the right exposure.

Reward for his skill 
It was a big moment for Bhimji when he presented one of his scarfs to the Chief Minister of his state. He says it's still a long road ahead of him. His aim is to bring his craft from 'alternate fashion' to mainstream fashion accessories. We salute him for his ambition and intend to see it through with him. Will you?

A glimpse of the range

We are very proud of our accessories team and are grateful to them for making such excellent range of clothing for us. Cheers to all their hard work, our first collection together and many more to come!! 



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