At 5TKT, every product tells a story.

The story of a man whose village has kept a traditional weaving skill alive for 200 years.

Generations of lessons taught;
Years of practice;
The clattering of the loom, part of their daily lives.

The story of a small business thriving in even the cruelest Himalayan winters. They find peace when they are shaping their silver.

Each unique, asymmetrical piece in the collection speaks their native language.

The story of a designer duo who prefer talking to their cotton mesh and recycled wool than people who 'fake promise them success'. They whisper life into these fabrics. And then forget to even sell them. Such is their love affair.

These are the stories of the artisans and makers behind each and every one of our products.

And this is what 5TKT is all about. We personally curate this range of handmade, ethically sourced women's apparel, scarfs, jewelry and home accessories to promote an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle.

We want to share with you the joy of owning a product that not only makes good fashion sense but also tells you the true story behind it. Tells you about the people who worked so hard to make these products.