Amelia Scarf


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Amelia Scarf is hand block printed with beautiful, light and intricate tile pattern; and borders on both edges. The unique printing process gives it a washed out look which is quaint and vintage. Its base is extra fine wool, woven on handloom using traditional Bhujodi weaving technique.

Exclusive: Only 1 in each color available.

Large comfortable wrap handwoven in ethically sourced wool.
- Fine Twill weave
- Multi colour hand block printed
- Materials: 100% Wool 
- Size: 194 x 70 cm

- Dry Clean only
- Minimum ironing is recommended to maintain the natural look of the fabric
- Hand woven wool varies in thickness which causes the natural dyes to penetrate the fabric differently. This creates beautiful natural colour and texture variation in the print which machine processes have only attempted to imitate.
- Each piece is handmade and unique, so please note that there may be slight variations from one piece to another.
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