Square Cups



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Oddly Square yet contemporary set of small Tea cups. The cup holder is curled with a cane strip to provide good grip on the handle and an earthy sophisticated look.

Read complete story about the craft here..

Comes in a set of 4 cups. Only 1 set left in stock!

- Materials: Serpentine and other weathered rocks
- Capacity: 125ml / 1/2 Cup

- Wash by hand using a sponge scrubber when hand washing
- Kindly put a paper tissue between when stacking items on top of each other
- Be careful with fine rims and handles
- they are most vulnerable
- Though Longpi Pottery is very safe to use in Microwave, but when there are cane stripes curled on the holder, we suggest to try and avoid it.
- Longpi kettles can be used for cooking over electric gas stoves or firewood
- Kindly avoid using any stainless steel or any kind of metal scrubber while washing
- Kindly avoid using metal spatulas or ladles. Try to stick to wooden ones with Longpi pottery items.

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